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Body Rider Fan Bike Review

Get Your Pedal On With This Fan Bike!

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I never thought there would come a day I wouldn’t be able to fit into my favorite pair of pants, but low and behold, it came knocking, or should I say, bursting through the door. Laugh all you want, I deserve it.

I have never been afraid of the bathroom scale because weight has never been an issue for me. But, since I am no longer a 22-year with the ability to digest a brick, those extra pounds have kind of snuck up on me. While I’m still far from looking like a beached whale, I really want to get into my pants again. Wow, that did not come out right 😉

Acknowledging that you have to do something about it and actually doing it are two entirely different matters. Getting fit is a lengthy process which can become overwhelming really fast if you don’t start off on the right foot.

Body Rider Exercise Bicycle with Fan

Body Rider Fan Bike
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Still, something had to be done and I wasn’t about to give up. I spent days searching for the right answer, and then it hit me: an exercise bike has absolutely everything I was looking for. They are effective, easy to use and you no longer have to hit the gym because you can pedal as much as you want, in your own living room. The first budget option I looked at was the Body Rider Fan Bike.

Putting the Pieces Together

Apart from the handles, the pedals and the seat, all of the parts are already mounted to the exercise bike, which means you won’t spend more than an hour in order to have the bike in one piece. Wrenches are also included in the nuts and bolts kit, meaning you won’t have to go looking for them. This is a huge convenience, because nobody wants to waste time flipping through the drawers and toolboxes searching for that elusive bolt.


Measuring 41.75 by 22 by 46.5 inches and weighing 47.3 pounds, the Body Rider Fan Bike features a sturdy steel frame design, instead of a cheap, plasticky one that is usually found on stationary bikes in this price range. The seat is equally sturdy, but that is not necessarily a good thing since some flexibility would be better for your derriere if you intend on sitting for many hours on the bike.
The Body Rider provides you with a whole-body workout, since it features dual-action handlebars which engage your upper body while you pedal away with your legs.

Seat and Height

If you are less than 5’6″ tall, you should be fine. If you are taller than that, your knees will still be bent despite the pedals being extended at their maximum, even after you adjust the seat to its maximum height. Basically, you will end up hitting your knees on the handlebars if you are over 5’6”, and most people I know are. This is something you need to consider before deciding on this exercise bike, since the manufacturer doesn’t say anything about it. This is one of those cases when it doesn’t help being tall, and working out on this will not be a pleasant experience.

LCD Panel

The bike’s computer has standard features and a display that shows distance, speed, time and number of calories burned. The digits displayed on the LCD are fairly big, which means you won’t have to squint in order to see them. There is no heart rate monitor included, but since this stationary bike is tailored to fit a certain budget it would be pointless to complain about that.

Air Resistance and Tension

While the fan cools you down during your workout, it actually has a better use, which is to create unlimited amount of resistance. You see, if you pedal faster, more cool air is produced by the fan and this is actually a very good way of motivating yourself to push harder. The handlebars are ergonomically positioned so that you won’t feel discomfort, even if you only want a lower body workout. The tension for both can be adjusted easily through operating a knob and a tension strap.

The Verdict

The Body Rider Fan Bike sits on the lower end of the price range. It is stripped of some extra features you might find on the more expensive exercise bikes, but it does the job well for its price. Also, the presence of a built-in fan is always welcome.
You can have a look at the Body Rider Fan Bike here at Amazon and check out many other deals in the same time.

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