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Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Review
Semi-Pro Home Recumbent Bike

Working out Like a Boss!

It’s not often that I see an exercise bike which thoroughly impresses me. However, the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike falls into that category and I knew I would add it there the minute I saw it. I actually feel some kind of smug satisfaction, because even though it’s from a lesser-known manufacturer, I thought it had enough qualities to earn a spot on my website. It is a true example of what you would call a hidden gem.

Diamondback Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike

Diamondback 510Sr
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In my mind, no recumbent bike which looks like the Diamondback could possibly have poor functionality. But, relying solely on looks can often be deceiving, so I had to dig deeper and see if the performance matched what was in front of my eyes. If you are curious about the answer, I’ll come out and say it: Yes.
In case that elaborate explanation wasn’t enough for you, read below, where I will talk at length about its most important features.

Design and Comfort

I know I’ve just said it, but I have to mention it again. The Fitness 510Sr is a stylish recumbent bike, featuring smooth, sleek lines and high-end features that make your workout experience complete. Just like the latest Schwinn exercise bikes, this one also comes with built-in speakers which you can connect your portable mp3 player.

Regarding the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that working out is something you do for pleasure instead of need, or habit, since the bike does a great job of making you feel comfortable while you’re using it. The back rest and the comfy seat base make sure that your back doesn’t feel any pressure at all while exercising and the joints are also safe from impact which can lead to strain and injury during the workout. For those who are recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic pain, this recumbent bike is just what the doctor ordered, speaking both literally and figuratively.

Seat AdjustmentI often get to read people’s complaints about how a certain bike is not suitable for their height and luckily, the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr covers a wide array of those, through many ways you can adjust the back support, handles, seat and even the console. The bike itself weighs 125 pounds, which isn’t surprising since those pounds are there to provide the bike with much-needed stability.


Boasting an impressive list of specs and features, it gives the Schwinn 270 a run for its money. It has as much as 20 workout programs to choose from, which allows you not only to adjust the work out to your current physical shape, but also provides enough variety so you don’t plateau any time soon. Altering resistance levels is a breeze, too, thanks to those QuickSet program keys which help you access the menu in a matter of seconds.

To keep you cool and hydrated, a cooling fan and a bottle holder arrive mounted to the bike. These features are particularly helpful if you want to have an interrupted workout, without the need to stop and go to the kitchen and have a glass of water or having a break because you’re sweating too much. The frictionless eddy current braking system ensures that your workouts will also be smooth and noiseless. Now, granted, working out isn’t supposed to be easy, but it’s the creature comfort like these that don’t add to its difficulty.

Other Advanced Features

The Diamondback 510Sr has the look and feel of a professional exercise bike. It has USB chargers, music player support, speakers and of course, many, many levels of resistance. 16, to be more precise. With that number, it’s a given that at least some of those levels will challenge even the most athletic people.

As for the tracking, the 510Sr collects data for speed, distance, heart rate and burned calories, among others. However, unlike the Schwinn 270, it doesn’t have any software which could save all the statistics in a workout diary. This means that you will pretty much have to write down the results, if you are interested in tracking your progress.

The Verdict

Comfort doesn’t always come cheap, but with the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr, I believe it’s worth spending the extra dime, since it sums up all the qualities one is looking for in a recumbent bike. Sleek, solid and efficient, this bike has the potential of exceeding expectations. You can get it on Amazon, the one-stop online retailer for all your needs, at a reasonable price.

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