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Sole Fitness SB700 Review

Gym-quality Spinning Bike in Your Own Living Room!

When buying an indoor cycle, there is always a concern that it won’t match the feel or the performance of an outdoor bike. A long time ago, I was an avid bike rider myself, but as the job took over, I found it harder to bring myself to take the bike outside, pump up the tires and plan a route. Not to mention that I also had to carry a bike helmet, a bottle of water and my riding glasses with me. All in all, sometimes the preparation took more than the actual ride, which I found incredibly annoying.

As my life got busier, I couldn’t afford to lose precious time with this sort of activity, so I had to come up with a solution, because I wasn’t ready to entirely give up on biking. I started to search for a spinning bike which would mimic the functionality of an outdoor one and I stopped at Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike, which is suitable for both home and commercial use.


Sole Fitness SB700
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Commercial-Grade Quality in Your Own Home

Sole Fitness has caused quite a stir with their series of spinning bikes which are as good as the ones you can find in a gym. The only noteworthy difference is that you don’t have to actually go to the gym to use them. The SB700 has in fact been designed with commercial use in mind and this is evident in its construction, which features a heavy duty frame able to support an intense cycling workout.

The equally heavy flywheel weighing 48 pounds to ensure that the resistance is smooth and continuous. What’s more, it boosts a Kevlar braking system, which is a material so strong and flexible that it is used to create bulletproof vests. Here, it is used to keep the bike sturdy and quiet during exploitation.

Design and Ergonomics

The key word here is safety. This ergonomic bike is equipped with brake pads, and pedals including toe straps and knobs to adjust the resistance. The knobs do require a bit of effort to be operated, but nothing too drastic. As for the comfort, since the seat moves both horizontally and vertically, there is enough flexibility to ensure that you are doing your exercising in the best position possible. Handlebars are fully adjustable as well, in order to avoid any strain you might feel from the grip.

The thick padding of the seat is made to follow the contour of your body and to absorb the shock. Also, if your intense workout causes you to work up a good sweat, the handlebars are thick and padded enough to prevent any kind of slip. The LCD screen is backlit and able to track distance, speed, time, RPM and the number of calories burned. While it doesn’t have an integrated heart rate sensor on the handles, it is compatible with a wireless chest strap for those who aim to stay in the fat-burning zone.

While the screen is clear and easy enough to read, there can be instances when it will suffer glitches if there are other electronic devices in close proximity. A shock-absorbent system is used to maintain your pedaling rate intact, regardless of braking or vibrations.

Pieces of the Puzzle

The harder part about assembling this bike is moving the box where you want it to be, since the bike weighs 140 pounds. You’ll get quite a workout from it, before you have even put it together. On the plus side, the SoleFitness has its seat, handlebars and the seat post pre-assembled, so all you need to do is to install the stabilizer bars using some bolts and tools that came included in the package. When attaching the pedals, make sure you don’t cross-thread them when tightening.

In a Nutshell

Even though the Sole Fitness SB700 isn’t the most affordable bike available on the market, if you are serious about indoor biking and you want to push yourself to the limit, this is as close to professional as you can get. It features top-notch technology and the sturdy frame has a lifetime warranty, something that says a lot about the quality of the SB700. It’s a spinning bike made to last for decades and if you too want to bring the outdoor experience into your own home, visit Amazon to see the incredible deals they have on the SB700.

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