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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Review
Best Value Indoor Cycle Trainer

An Effective Cycle Trainer That Won’t Break the Bank

If you want to buy an indoor bike, but don’t have a lot of money at your disposal, there are several options you can consider.
Option A: You give up on buying an exercise bike.
Option B: You save up enough money until you can buy an expensive one.
Option C: You just buy a cheap, low-quality bike.
Option D: You buy an affordable one that’s well made.

The problem though, is that there is no such thing as Option D. Or so I thought, until Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike made me change my mind.

Sunny Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro
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One thing I’ve been taught was to never make compromises when it comes to the quality of a product. Ever. No exceptions. In our attempts of finding the most affordable options available, we end up buying 10 useless cheap things, instead of a single, really good one, so we actually lose money instead of saving it.

But, cheap doesn’t always equal poorly made and sometimes, with a little bit of research, we can learn to distinguish between a cheaply-made indoor cycle trainer and a bargain, as is the case with this particular bike. The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is a solid spinning bike, equipped with all the features that matter, so you can fully enjoy a healthy workout right from the comfort of your own home.


The Sunny Cycling Bike weighs 97.2 pounds and if you are wondering why it’s so heavy, it’s because 40 of those pounds are down to the weight of the flywheel. Finding an indoor cycling bike that’s built to a budget, with such a heavy flywheel, is impressive, because the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the resistance, and the better the workout. The flywheel also gives you much needed stability, so that you don’t experience wobbling during the more intensive sessions. The seat, the handlebars and the resistance are all adjustable, with the power being transferred via chain.


HandlebarsBecause most of the bike’s features are adjustable, you will be less prone to injuries and strain, since you will be able to adapt them to your own height and build. The handlebars have a generous, thick padding, making them easy to grip even if your hands are sweaty. This feature reduces the chances of having sore hands after the workout, or even blisters. I see a couple of knowing nods from cycling buffs.

As for the seat, even though it’s padded, an extra gel cover should be used. Because as is usually the case with most of these seats, they get quite uncomfortable after a while. If you would rather spare your behind and exercise while standing up, this is possible thanks to the sturdy pedals which will support your weight and won’t wear out if you ride your bike that way.

After lengthier workouts at high intensity, the bike seems to emit some noise. This is not noticeable if you are listening to music but it can get a bit distracting if you are watching TV. But you need to remember that you bought an exercise bike to get in shape, so your audio-visual experience needs to take a back seat to cardio.


There isn’t much to be said here, since the bike arrives with the principal structure and the flywheel already joined together. Assembling the rest of the bike (pedals, seat, handlebars, back support) shouldn’t take more than half an hour, especially since the tools needed to join all of the parts together are included, as well as a manual with detailed instructions.

The Verdict

Sure, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is deprived of some hi-tech features, but when you have a bike with a 40-pound flywheel and many other interesting features at a bargain price, there isn’t too much room for complaining. It’s a bike for both starters and more advanced users, since the tension settings cover many fitness levels. You can begin with an easy level, then progress to more advanced ones, once you develop more stamina.

If you want to read more about it or buy it, check it out on Amazon where there are always great deals on home exercise bikes.

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